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標題: Christian Louboutin Outlet was immortal phoenix heritage [打印本頁]

作者: a655485m405    時間: 2013-5-30 19:25     標題: Christian Louboutin Outlet was immortal phoenix heritage

be calm, this is a life-saving fire ah. "Do not worry, since you can get the 'Sun Sin-yu', naturally proves you with the 'sun real fire' has great fate, is your will always be you, not you, will always be impossible to get . "female santa clear sky. Regulus took a deep breath, and gradually began to calm down their feelings, nodded and said: "Thank you for my doubts holy woman, and now I have a favor to ask female saint!" "Speak." Female Holy Word. "Huang Chan May, Christian Louboutin Outlet but her 'immortal phoenix of the body', was immortal phoenix heritage, holy woman could collect her hope for the believers, here to accompany female saint, listening Avenue." Regulus road. "What, you want my husband a little stranded here?" Huang May Chan was taken aback, Regulus looked very serious expression on her heart meal, indeed this is a golden opportunity, today's Regulus, christian louboutin outlet store but the world christian louboutin sale of the enemy, if he and Regulus together, surely it is easy to be recognized, female saint rare among the world can listen here Avenue, bound for their great benefit, when it is able to Regulus greater help. May Chan Huang weighed the pros and cons in mind, the final decision still has it. "Little Jon, right, I want to stay here, I hope to listen Avenue, hoping to take me as a female saint believers." Phoenix May Chan understand Regulus's mind, she is naturally not a brainless woman, if two people are really to think in the future, as in fairy dragon phoenix let the whole world tremble smell it, and now can only be keeping a low profile, profound knowledge, the world of the enemy, the words, too heavy, even if it is a family Shangqie be destruction, let alone several people. Out now, it was found, only one word, dead! Female santa looking at Phoenix May Chan look, sighed: "worth mentioning, that on the left Chan May Come, my 'day Canossian House' avenue 'immortal phoenix of the body' can practice now 'days Canossian House 'extinct, I can only Zuohua in their own before the' day Canossian House 'heritage, continue, May Chan physique extraordinary, gifted, Gengu
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